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Plane polarized beam is not welcomed in some circumstances such as reflecting spectrometer. A depolarizer will change the plane polarization into a mix of polarization states by scrambling up the polarization, the result is to change plane polarized beam into pseudo-depolarized beam and produce depolarization. Depolarizer is widely used in polarization sensitive instrument.
The usual depolarizer can only be used at narrow band wavelength to avoid the big beam deviation. With our special design, our depolarizer can be used in a wide range of wavelength and keep the beam deviation in a acceptable range.
Usually we can get better result if we orient the input polarization state 45deg to the optical axis of the depolarizer. And also the effectiveness of the depolarizer increases with the size of the beam cross-section.
Material Quartz 200-2500nm
Dimension Tolerance ±0.2mm
Surface Quality Better than 60/40 scratch and dig
Beam Deviation <3 arc minutes
Wavefront Distortion <λ/4@632.8nm
Clear Aperture >90% central
Coating Uncoated, AR coating available
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Note: Other sizes and wavelengths are available upon request.