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Crystal quartz is a positive uniaxial birefrigent single crystal. Dayoptics select the best quality quartz, which has min inclusions and refractive index variation as the raw material of our components. Quartz is commonly used for high damage threshold waveplates.


Physical and Optical Properties
Transparency Range 200-2300nm
Crystal Symmetry  
Crystal Class Positive Uniaxial
Crystal Cell  
Crystal Structure  
Cell Parameters  
Hygroscopic Susceptibility Low
Mohs Hardness 7
Thermal Expansion Coefficients aa=6.2x10-6/k ac=10.7x10-6/k
Optical Homogeneity 10-6/cm
Refractive Index, Birefringence(��n=ne-no) and Walk-Off Angle at 45 deg(��) no=1.5427 ne=1.5518
Diameter max. 100
Length max. 100
Surface Quality better than 20/10 scratch/dig Per MIL-0-13830A
Beam Deviation < 10 arc second
Optical Axis Orientation +/-0.2��
Flatness <l /8 @633nm
Transimission Wavfront Distortion <l /4 @633nm
Coating upon specification