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Company Profile

Located in Fuzhou, a coastal city in South East China, Ultra Photonics has become one of Chinas leading manufacturers for optical components, crystal components and optical assemblies. Ultra Photonics was founded in 2006. And we have a strong team as professional mechanical engineers, polishing engineers, optical engineers and coating engineers.

Ultra Photonics owns facility of 3000 square meters designed to meet our present and future needs. Included within this space is a 500 square meter clean room for our expanding coating center, metrology lab and special fabrication needs.

Precise Optical Fabrication

The skillful engineers and technicians in Ultra Photonics Inc routinely fabricate high precision crystals and optics. We have developed a series of specialized optcical fabrrication techniques for fabricating crystal products to meet the high international standards.

Strict Quality Control

Equipped by advance instruments, e.g. ZYGO GPI-XP Interferometer, Perkin- Elmer Lamda 9 UV/VIS’NIR Spectrophotometer and specific measurement systems, Ultra photonics's quality control and assurance department sets a series of complete standards for crystals and optical components. Every product is strictly inspected to meet our standards or specification required by customers before it leaves Ultra Photonics Inc.

Low Cost

Ultra Photonics makes every efforts to provide high quality crystals and devieces at low price. The advanced technologies and facilities, mass production and well organized management, low labor et,al make Ultra Photonics’s products always the most competitive in the world.

Quick Response

Our salers and customer service engineers have strong backgroud in theory and experiments of crystals, lasers and optics. We are always ready to reply your inquiries and offer you excellent services. Whatever crystals, ceramics, optics, laser devices and technical services you need, please contact our representative or Ultra Photonics directly.

Fast delivery

Because of our high production capacity, most of Ultra Photonics’ products can be finished in less than 3 weeks. So we can deliver the goods to you in only 3 weeks ARO.

Ultra Photonics is committed to deliver customers with Qualify Products, On-time Delivery, competitive pricing and High customer Satisfaction. Ultra Photonics focuses on producing high precision optical components, Improving Customers’ Satisfaction, and Maximizing Value of optics to Customers. The goal at Ultra Photonics is to be your excellent choice of partner supplier.