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BBO EO Q-Switch

BBO is one of the electro-optic material choices for high average power E-O Q Switch applications. BBO has significant advantages over other materials in terms of laser power handling abilities, temperature stability, and substantial freedom from piezoelectric ringing. Because it relies on the electro optic effect, switching time - aided by the low capacitance of the E-O Q Switch is very fast. The wide transparency range of BBO allows it to be used in diverse applications. 

E-O Q Switch of EOQ series are transverse field devices. Low electro-optical coefficient of BBO results in high operating voltages. The quarter-wave voltage is proportional to the ratio of electrode spacing and crystal length. As a result, a smaller aperture device has lower quarter-wave voltage. However, even for 3mm aperture devices quarter-wave voltage is as high as 3.4KV@1064nm. Double crystal design is employed in order to reduce required voltages and allowing operation in half-wave mode with fast switching times.


· High Repetition Rate
· High peak power damage resistance
· Low absorption
· UV Transmission
· Low Acoustic Noise

· High repetition rate DPSS Q-Switch
· High repetition rate Regenerative Amplifier control
· Cavity Dumping
· Beam Chopper
Specifications Description
Model Number EOQ-103
Aperture Diameter 2.5
Quarter-Wave Voltage@ 1064 nm 3.4KV
Optical Transmission >98%
Damage Threshold > 500 MW / cm2 @1064nm, 10ns
Wavefront Distortion@ 1064 nm < λ/8
Typical Capacitance < 3pf
Outline dimension, mm φ25.4×44